The Villages Florida
State of Florida. The Villages Fl are a group of ever increasing retirement communities located in the Central Florida area. The
Villages offer numerous amenities in their recreation centers for residences that most people can't find on vacation. The
recreation centers include family pool, bocchie courts, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, billiard tables, shuffleboard
courts, a pavilion area, meeting rooms, and kitchen facilities. And just so you aren't mislead, their are numerous recreation centers
located across The Villages FL, not just one like most other retirement communities. The Villages Retirement Community has
thought of everything. They offer everything you could want out of retirement and more, from recreation centers, community sports
programs, swimming, special interest groups, social clubs, arts and crafts, exercise, dancing, music, and finally (lets not forget)
GOLF! Here at "TheVillagesCommunity.com" our goal is to provide you with the most in depth descriptions and information
concerning The Villages Florida Retirement Community in wonderful Florida.

One of the more enticing things that The Villages Florida have to offer are the "Spanish Springs " town square and "Lake Sumter
Landing" town square. Each one of these town squares are located at opposite ends of The Villages Retirement Community. If you
aren't familiar with The Villages at all, the fact that there are two town centers located in The villages would most likely lead you to
ask.."How big are The Villages FL?". So to answer that, The Villages Florida aren't like all the other retirement communities that you
might hear about. The Villages FL are a large group of multiple communities that form their own city, which is located between
Ocala, Florida and Leesburg, Florida, near Lady Lake, Florida. Both Lake Sumter Landing and Spanish Springs Town Square offer
something for everyone from "The Rialto" and "Old Mill Playhouse" Theaters to quaint coffee shops, shopping boutiques, jewelry
stores, golf cart dealerships, and numerous restaurants. Lake Sumter Landing is set next to a lakeside setting where you can
enjoy a romantic dinner or moonlit walk along the boardwalk. Spanish Springs, located on the other side of The Villages, was built
in a Spanish theme setting. Walking down the streets of Spanish Springs you feel as though you have been taken away to a
different country. Both of The Villages town squares also offer scenic bike paths, fishing, and fenced in
playgrounds for you and your grandchildren. The Villages FL are also in the process of building yet another town square as they are
expanding south. Word is that this third town square will be named "The Paddock Square". It will be located right off of Hwy 44, just
South of the Hwy 301 and Hwy 44 intersection located just off of I-75. This new development area of The Villages FL is just 2-3
minutes drive from Interstate 75 here in Central Florida.

The Villages FL are an ever expanding area. As more and more people look for places to retire, The Villages of Central Florida are
the overwhelming choice of the majority of retirees. Therefore The Villages FL are continually expanding their boundaries into the
nearby counties of Lake County, Marion County, and Sumter County. The Villages FL are in currently in the process of developing
hundreds of acres of land to the south and southwest of where The Villages FL are currently. As you drive down nearby Hwy 301
and Hwy 466A there are a few new golf courses that have just opened. There is already yet another shopping center that has
opened on Hwy 466A that is home to another Publix grocery shopping center and a group of other businesses. This new shopping
center is located next to the new courses that are located here in The Villages FL. All of these things are already connected by the
many new golf cart roads that The Villages are known for. You heard right, The Villages have a network of concrete golf cart roads
that connect all of the courses and communities that make up The Villages. No need to worry about rising gas prices in The
Villages Retirement Community, just get in your golf cart and you're off to anywhere you need to go. Everything is easily accessible
from your golf cart. It is quite common for people to take their golf carts to the grocery store, the recreation center, the town
centers, or even to get a bite to eat. Everything you need is just a stones throw away here in The Villages FL, so the only thing that's
missing.. is you! Come and enjoy The Villages here in sunny Florida!

Golf Courses at The Villages Florida

Finally we have the golf courses! The Villages Golf Courses are a thing of beauty. One of the most attractive things about becoming
a resident of The Villages FL is that it is a golf community, and as a resident of The Villages retirement community, you will enjoy
year round golf for the rest of your life at any of The Villages Executive golf courses for FREE. When you have conquered all of the
executive golf courses that The Villages have to offer, there is still an abundance of Championship Golf Courses left for you expand
you golf skills with. Can't play Golf? Don't worry, because The Villages also have a professional senior golf instruction program.
Here is a list of courses that you can play at The Villages FL :

Executive Golf Courses:
De La Vista Executive Golf Course
Hilltop Executive Golf Course
Mira Mesa Executive Golf Course
El Santiago Executive Golf Course
El Diablo Executive Golf Course
Chula Vista Executive Golf Course
Churchill Greens Executive Golf Course
Oakleigh Executive Golf Course
Heron Executive Golf Course
Bacall Executive Golf Course
Saddlebrook Executive Golf Course
Silver Lake Executive Golf Course
Hawkes Bay Executive Golf Course
Briarwood Executive Golf Course
Walnut Grove Executive Golf Course
Amberwood Executive Golf Course
Pimlico Executive Golf Course
Belmont Executive Golf Course
Pelican Executive Golf Course
Bogart Executive Golf Course
Championship Golf Courses:

Cane Garden Championship Golf Course
Arnold Palmer Legends Championship Golf Course
Mallory Hill Championship Golf Course
Nancy Lopez Legacy Championship Golf Course
Hacienda Hills Championship Golf Course
Glenview Champions Championship Golf Course
Tierra Del Sol Championship Golf Course
Orange Blossom Hills Championship Golf Course
Havana Championship Golf Course
**Play these golf courses when you feel the need for a challenge. Who knows, you may meet Arnold Palmer or even Nancy Lopez
(Nancy Lopez's house sits alongside the fairway of her golf course The Legacy).**

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The Villages has much to offer with it's lifestyle, proximity  to Orlando, Disney and Universal. Remember, Central Florida is where all
your out of town family prefer to visit . You're about 1 hour north of Disney and all the theme parks but yet far enough away from the
congestion of other areas.

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